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Carl F. Bucherer Presents A New Version Of Its Heritage BiCompax Annual

Now, two years after the original version came out in 2019, the Lucerne-based watchmaker introduces a new reverse-panda version of the Heritage BiCompax Annual. This steel fake watch is limited to 888 pieces.

Ever been to Lucerne? It's where the headquarters of Carl F. Bucherer is situated. It places the brand in the heart of Switzerland. Land-locked to the max, but nevertheless, the brand ventured out into the world. That expansion led to 350 points of sale worldwide. That's why the brand says it's "at home in the world?in its slogan.

Still, in the world of replica watches the name Bucherer is not the most familiar one. But that doesn't mean the high-end mechanical replica watches that leave the Bucherer manufacture in Lengnau ?that's about 100 kilometers west of CFB headquarter in Lucerne ?aren't worth your while. Au contraire! We already showed that some time ago right here. Over the years "CFB?has come up with some pretty interesting and innovative movements with peripheral rotors for instance. Something we will get back on in the near future. Let's first take a look at the Heritage BiCompax Annual.

The four worlds of Carl F. Bucherer

To keep things simple and organized Carl F. Bucherer decided to divide its world into four segments: Sport and Adventure, Travel and Exploration, Entertainment and Style, and Heritage. The latest version of the BiCompax Annual belongs in the most traditional realm. The design connects with a Bucherer fake watch dating back to circa 1950. Measuring 41mm the steel case with polished bevels on the lugs is not too big nor too small for modern wrists. That said, it is a tad high. 14.15mm is not overly tall but it will sit very prominently on the wrist. Also because of the box-type sapphire crystal.

The Heritage BiCompax Annual combines a chronograph with a 30-minute totalizer and an annual calendar with a big date display. Curious what's that hiding at 4:30? It's a very subtle month display. Yes, it's small but since most people know exactly what month it is, let's not make a problem of that. The day is also absent in this annual calendar watch. We'll use the previous argument to deal with that. Agreed?

…symmetrically arranged silver-colored chronograph counters?/p>

The way things are organized keeps the overall appearance neat, clean, and classic. The two symmetrically arranged silver-colored chronograph counters dominate the design. The contrast with the deep-black galvanized dial is clear but definitely not harsh. The tachymeter scale completes the dial.

A base and a module

In the heart of the fake watch ?to stick with CFB terminology ?we find the automatic caliber CFB 1972. The movement starts with an ETA base and it's mated to a module from Dubois-Depraz. Sure, a fully integrated movement is nicer and less thick, but it would also raise the price. In this configuration, CFB can offer its Heritage BiCompax Annual for ?,400, and that's an attractive price for a fake watch combining two complications.

888 pieces

Choose between leather or rubber -?how very contemporary ?for your Heritage chronograph. The black calfskin leather strap shows silver-colored stitching and a folding pin buckle. The rubber strap looks sporty and comfortable. The new Heritage BiCompax Annual is limited to 888 pieces. A nod to Carl F. Bucherer's founding year of 888, sorry, 1888. For more info please visit Carl F. Bucherer. Please find and follow me on Lex Stolk ?Instagram.

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