Drone Operator / Aerial & Videography Photography

Using our own pilots with CAA permission to fly Commercially we can capture both still photographs and video footage using a high quality Hasselblad lens. For more unusual footage we are able to mount our 360 camera and get 360 degree footage in the air.

  • Aerial Photography

    Aerial Photography

    We can produce both still photography and video footage.
  • Building and Roof Inspections

    Building and Roof Inspections

    Using either a drone or a pole and camera we can help carry out roof inspections safely.

    From £120 plus travel if more than 30 minutes drive. Building and Roof Inspections
  • Mapping and Data Acquisition

    Mapping and Data Acquisition

    Drones can be used to produce up to date maps of land. Maps can be produced up to a centimetre accuracy using specialised equipment but our standard equipment produces maps at no more than 10cm accuracy.

    Map production is resource hungry process and prices vary by Job.

    Typical uses:
    • Woodlands
    • Agriculture
    • Planning
    • Surveying
    • Wildlife Conservation

    Book an aeriel flight

    Because flights are dependent on weather, they need to be flexible.
    Also some locations are not suitable for flights without special permissions which can be difficult to obtain

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