Founded by Mark Alliston in 1999, the Timeless Dimension mission is to capture images that make people aware of the beauty in the places and people around them. This helps create desirability and positivity helping to sell places and people.

Mark began his career in 1982 working for one of the first companies to provide software to Estate Agents with their applicant to property matching database. Their clients included amongst others Knight Frank and Rutley and Buckell and Ballard in Oxford. Just like today, the computer industry changed fast and the company dissolved with many of the staff being taken on by a large software house in Wokingham. It was through this company that Marked started providing software for advertising agencies eventually going to work for one of their clients when they closed the commercial part of their business to concentrate on the defence sector.

Mark then spent about 8 years working for an award winning advertising agency with offices across the South East as well as connected companies in London.

In 1993 there was a recession and a change of direction as computers moved from being housed in computer rooms to being on the desktop. Mark took time out to study at degree level Environmental Biology as he enjoyed the outdoor life. When this was complete he travelled for a year before returning to the UK and setting up a website to sell images he had taken on nature reserves. His website skills were more in demand than the photographs and he in 2000 he started had managed to sell websites to retail shops and Estate Agents bringing him full circle.

Working with Estate Agents he progressed into producing virtual tours and has recently also moved into aerial photography. To make his services more complete he is also an accredited energy assessor and has done a course on floor plans.

Mark also enjoys photographing people having completed a City a Guilds Course and having worked with Wedding photographers during his time at University.

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