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Looking for business then you will need a website.

Websites allow you to communicate your uniqueness to potential customers. They can be anything from a one page brochure to a complex ecommerce site not only presenting information but also selling product and taking payment.


Once you have your website then you will need some where to keep it.

You will probably want a domain name making it easier for people to remember where to find your website.
You will also want some space connected to the internet to store your website.

We can help you find the right home as there are many factors that determine the right hosting solution and we can help you decide.

  • Domain Names
  • Shared web hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated Servers
  • Decicated Servers
  • Email only hosting


There are many reasons to have a database here are a few:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) allowing you to manage the content of your website online.
  • Membership, by giving your users the facility to have an account on your website you can provide content specifically for them.
  • Statistics, provide data analysis and graphical representation.
  • Mapping, provide details of locations and show them on maps such as google maps.
  • Ecommerce, provide lists of products and services for sale, take payment and organise delivery.
  • Websites as applications. Websites do not need to be specifically for marketing. They can also be administration systems.
    We specialise in writing web based applications for administration, ranging from accounting to stores management to charter systems.


A gateway to success, we have been providing software for over thirty years, some of our current development skills include:

  • HTML
  • Javascript including Jquery
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • .NET C#

Mark Alliston formed the Timeless Dimension company in August 1997 after completing a degree in Environmental Biology.

Prior to this Mark had been developing software since 1983 when he was taken on as a junior programmer to write some of the earliest property applicant matching software.

He then went on to write accounting software for the creative and advertising industries working for a time in a successful Advertising Agency near Oxford.

His first venture into internet programming was writing cataloguing software to sell products online.
He has since written many websites ranging from sites for small family business's through to working collaboratively on larger corporate websites.

Tel: 01491 64171 9